Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations




  1. dark


    Acum 5 secunde

    This would be a good anime ngl tho👀👀

  2. chongcheenan


    Acum minut

    I was quiet kid in school I am not kidding and my

  3. BimNoah Scripting

    BimNoah Scripting

    Acum 4 minute

    😜Wom. its a mistake😊

  4. soigan og

    soigan og

    Acum 9 minute

    I like purple too

  5. ahmet Serac

    ahmet Serac

    Acum 12 minute

    i had to break the window and jump in when i lost my keys so yeah i hear ya!!!

  6. echo destoyer

    echo destoyer

    Acum 17 minute

    So pokemon is saying if i stretchnout my neck im a dragon?

  7. kayra şengül

    kayra şengül

    Acum 19 minute


  8. Aniba Razeen

    Aniba Razeen

    Acum 27 minute

    Me too

  9. Hiệp Nguyễn

    Hiệp Nguyễn

    Acum 27 minute

    Here’s a juicy story 😩👌👌- One of my guy friends said he liked me after like a few months of being friends -insert lip bite face-

  10. dasha_arziki


    Acum 28 minute

    In my country black bean is no brownie *But a black bean sauce called "kecap"* It sounds the same as ketchup but the "u" is a little more like "A"

  11. Asang Liegise

    Asang Liegise

    Acum 30 minute

    It's not a mistake ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE

  12. Son Line

    Son Line

    Acum 30 minute

    great video

  13. DonutGaming


    Acum 33 minute

    Out of the sections she picked I’d be the anime one :P

  14. The question mark show

    The question mark show

    Acum 35 minute

    As an Australian we don’t like bugs we hate them, and we are not upside down, just deserts and we DONT have spider snake croc hybrids or that’s we just have fat and giant rat things, venomous rock fish and pikachu ( yellow bush tail possum.)

  15. The Blue Werewolf

    The Blue Werewolf

    Acum 36 minute

    I'm the weak person there

  16. The Blue Werewolf

    The Blue Werewolf

    Acum 36 minute

    Jaiden. Well done. I have never experienced this disorder but I have experienced pain. This song is an inspiration to all. And you are an amazing person for overcoming your disorder. You are incredible.

  17. BarioIDL


    Acum 37 minute

    this is why people get scammed by windows tech support guy who speaks english in indian accent

  18. ORE O

    ORE O

    Acum 37 minute

    Where to download the rom of pokemon platinum nuzlocke?

  19. Monalisa Sarma

    Monalisa Sarma

    Acum 40 minute

    Play minecraft

  20. mark justine magtalas

    mark justine magtalas

    Acum 41 minut

    8:57 why is no one talking about that smooth rhyme tho

  21. a random animator

    a random animator

    Acum 42 minute

    everything can happen hard or easy. i happy that your still going and i hope you keep going more in the future

  22. Moonbeam


    Acum 57 minute

    When I was a child, I believed that "The Neverending Story" was actually never-ending, and if I started it I would be trapped, unable to do anything else until I reached an ending that would never come. It was actually pretty scary to me.

  23. Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith

    Acum oră

    I relate to this song so much...

  24. Reese Iannacone

    Reese Iannacone

    Acum oră

    I'll say this, I act like things I am actually proud of or know were good aren't a big deal NOT because I don't realize it's not a good thing nor to be cocky... I just don't like attention... Like when I do something good at my work and all my managers are cheering me.. I really don't like that... Is that bad?

  25. Dolores


    Acum oră

    I'm 5 amd nise vidyo!

  26. Nadia K

    Nadia K

    Acum oră

    1) I LOVE READING 2) I like school 3) I love your vids❤ 4) I'm blonde 5) I'm the best reader in class

  27. Steven Whisler

    Steven Whisler

    Acum oră

    I think the whole rusty things give you AIDS was a common kids belief, because I remember kids saying that a lot when I was a kid and I'm older than you so I doubt it was you....wait are you a timekid!???

  28. Da Topphat

    Da Topphat

    Acum oră

    I played that weird geometric one

  29. shinichiro's gf

    shinichiro's gf

    Acum oră