Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations




  1. itz_lanang_gacha


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    Idk why i found this but i click it anyway lol

  2. River Cannon

    River Cannon

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    am i weak for crying at the shinx sac?

  3. ashley dubiel

    ashley dubiel

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    Is Jaiden animations the best ROfilmr or what

  4. pokémon 9

    pokémon 9

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    No fair you already vegan

  5. Basim Rehman

    Basim Rehman

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    Jaiden: Pain and suffering. Me:.... Pain. And. Suffering. Some of my favorite things. Me again: Somethings wrong with me. I know.

  6. FenFennecFox


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    2:03 LeT mE tELl YOu a STorY… Candy cadet

  7. Red_ Ninja

    Red_ Ninja

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    Did anyone see that the ari robot had a 01 number on his chest and robot tofu had a number 02???

  8. Mikail Basel

    Mikail Basel

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    Wait, you dident flush after you used the toilet?

  9. Doge Lord

    Doge Lord

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    3:45 Just gonna ... Clear my search history

  10. Aro Ari

    Aro Ari

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    I don’t understand anime :/

  11. Morgan Decker

    Morgan Decker

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    What type of bird is Ari?

  12. Star Shine

    Star Shine

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    'OmG iTs RhIaNna'

  13. Naeem Salah

    Naeem Salah

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    thank you so much i though i was the only one in the world but i found you

  14. Mo piano Keys

    Mo piano Keys

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    My sister hit her chin on the road

  15. Elisabeth Kutzli

    Elisabeth Kutzli

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    Agresive and screams wen hungery

  16. Softy Vanilla 🍦

    Softy Vanilla 🍦

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    7:10 Grand opening?

  17. Thomas Marsh

    Thomas Marsh

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    we had a frese in febuary it was so cold

  18. SubZero


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    holy shit gringos it exists

  19. Vera Hathaway

    Vera Hathaway

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  20. P̷r̵i̵m̸a̸r̶y̷ ̶ o̷b̵j̶e̵c̵t̷i̶v̵e̵ ̸

    P̷r̵i̵m̸a̸r̶y̷ ̶ o̷b̵j̶e̵c̵t̷i̶v̵e̵ ̸

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    1:04 ive seen that scene before but where? SOMONE HALP

  21. Alejandro Donis

    Alejandro Donis

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    I think I cried on my first day of school.

  22. Lemon boi

    Lemon boi

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    Where is ari’s birthday this year

  23. IgKnighted


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    I believe this is incredible how you got through this and I am so glad that you did because I have a similar understanding sometimes because I went through something similar earlier in my life so having this much confidence is amazing and I think that this story helps anyone who finds it understand themselves or someone they know

  24. Naeem Salah

    Naeem Salah

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    hey i am the same why i am crying right now so we can both get better togher

  25. Rukhsar Irfan

    Rukhsar Irfan

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    Holy freak ari is such a savage!

  26. Edgar El Emo Vengador

    Edgar El Emo Vengador

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    Hasta viste naruto

  27. Super Rayya

    Super Rayya

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    Am i the only one who adds this to my song playlist

  28. archimedes almalvez

    archimedes almalvez

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  29. Wolf_halo YT

    Wolf_halo YT

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  30. Dragon Ultra

    Dragon Ultra

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    Baby Jaiden : PATHA WITH NO SAUTHE older Jaiden : PASTA WITH NO SAUSE yeah uh i got that

  31. Mad Max

    Mad Max

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    The worst is that I actually believed aids was tetanus too ;-;

  32. Lena Lovegood

    Lena Lovegood

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    who would have thought she would make an Anime opening 6 years later

  33. markleplier


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    congrats on 10 mil

  34. Hugh Bren Tiger

    Hugh Bren Tiger

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    Ari is cute

  35. the_magical_land_witch


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    Heh my mom is like that

  36. Vulkhard Muller

    Vulkhard Muller

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    I'm the same damn way with the dentist Dx I actively avoid the dentist even though I really should... :\

  37. Rod Plays

    Rod Plays

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  38. Маша


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    Че русский?

  39. Paxton Collins

    Paxton Collins

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    That story in parrot pals is just a simplified, bird-themed momotaro.

  40. Tyler Morris

    Tyler Morris

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    Keep making videos

  41. rayo nex

    rayo nex

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    A new hero is born

  42. lunarsrobux


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    I know something for like a episode you should fight a really big villan but you couldn't hold in your laughter bc they looked like squidward but turns out it was a the baddest villlan ever you slay it but that was a robot so your hunting the real one done and find some friends on the way

  43. CM - 05LM 809861 Hilldale PS

    CM - 05LM 809861 Hilldale PS

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    This is me but with a console

  44. Ronald Bond IV

    Ronald Bond IV

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    Who else noticed that Jaiden has 10 Million Subscribers?Also by the way congrats to you Jaiden on getting 10M I'm one of those people.

  45. Stacy Nankoo

    Stacy Nankoo

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  46. Siobhan Bustamante

    Siobhan Bustamante

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    jaiden:foamed cheese wheel Me:It looks like pac man

  47. Patrick Priester

    Patrick Priester

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    3:27 did you just....BuRp?

  48. skyler Arbado

    skyler Arbado

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    Jaiden everytime you say don't crit It will critical heat



    Acum 4 ore

    Jaiden that was a blessing thanks hope you get 20 million subs 💕

  50. skyler Arbado

    skyler Arbado

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    I had a lot of desamame pokemon in Pokemon go

  51. tjelchert71


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    I had a nightmare where i was walking down a hallway then jeff the killer started chasing me i think so i ran but i couldnt run fast then he caught me then i woke up and i was like ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  52. skyler Arbado

    skyler Arbado

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    I had a lot of pokemon in Pokemon go

  53. Keith Laing

    Keith Laing

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    Don't worry jaiden if you don't wont to then you dont have to!

  54. cleyderman silva

    cleyderman silva

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    Good animation, very different from the rest

  55. xZoey Plays RBLXx

    xZoey Plays RBLXx

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    Jaiden: starts the video and talks about gape and how sad it is when peoples pets die Me: My dog died when I was just 4 years old, thanks for making me feel better by telling me how my family took good care of him

  56. Krista Spiteri

    Krista Spiteri

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    0:50 Dabi & Shigiraki casually being the mafia bosses

  57. WafflesAnims


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  58. Zergeling [Zerg]

    Zergeling [Zerg]

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    can you find the Olive from the purrfect apawcalypse?

  59. Max Gauffre

    Max Gauffre

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    What the what !!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME

  60. 米馨锐


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    Wow l am very anod