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I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke

What an adventure

♥ The Team ♥
Atrox: AtroxChobatsu
Denny: 90percentknuckles
Devon: devonkong
Rachel: tsunderachel
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We worked hard on this video, it's the result of 3 months worth of nonstop work. So please give a big thank you to all the members on my team for helping me make this video happen. It's been a big dream of mine to do pokemon nuzlockes for youtube, and I would watch them all the time even before I had my own channel. So being able to make this video, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary for my channel, is so awesome and I'm really happy I was finally able to.


  1. Animefan149


    Acum 31 minut

    I am doing a nuzlocke in omega ruby with my friend already lost on Pokémon trash dog the zigzigoon

  2. Glitchin’


    Acum oră

    Pico Pico in FnF-*nani*

  3. Matthew The demon

    Matthew The demon

    Acum oră

    Lets take a moment of silence for all of the dead Pokemon Onion Corn Zipzapzop Sqidward Chad Sin Sperky Blubby

  4. Matthew The demon

    Matthew The demon

    Acum 2 ore

    5:19 D I D I S T U T T E R ?

  5. Ariana Kian

    Ariana Kian

    Acum 2 ore

    Don't you know that you can revive pokemon in pokemon ruby by going to the pokemon center

  6. Kenneth Herrans

    Kenneth Herrans

    Acum 3 ore

    Nobody: Jaiden: What? You're a female? *D I D I S T U T T E R ?*

  7. PlantSprout


    Acum 4 ore

    maybe jaiden's magneton has the ability sturdy

  8. Just Charly

    Just Charly

    Acum 4 ore


  9. Moon Luna

    Moon Luna

    Acum 5 ore

    This, was unexpectedly emotional

  10. Bash G.

    Bash G.

    Acum 6 ore

    At the end of the video it become to dramatic, it seemed like you were playing the Pokemon Ruby in real life.

  11. CringedLordAiden


    Acum 6 ore

    Then why dint you use grodon

  12. Cameron


    Acum 7 ore

    Deoxys flies by...

  13. That Extrovert Astronaut

    That Extrovert Astronaut

    Acum 8 ore

    What’s your favourite Pokémon? I like Purugly because it’s a chonky cat

  14. Franc A. Degayo

    Franc A. Degayo

    Acum 8 ore

    how bout the blood whers dat

  15. Hug Bug

    Hug Bug

    Acum 9 ore

    Love teriyaki just absolutely slashing early game pokèmon

  16. Leon Sebastian Quitain

    Leon Sebastian Quitain

    Acum 10 ore

    5:15 Jaiden: Oh hello there chad! Machop: -_- Jaiden: What your a female?! Machop: (Yah) Jaiden: Did i stutter!?!

  17. Epic Mine Man

    Epic Mine Man

    Acum 11 ore

    I might attempt my own Nuzzlocke at some point xD

  18. XxfinityGamingxX


    Acum 11 ore

    Bruh why did you named the pokemon ari? Ohhhh because ari and the pokemon had differents

  19. Philip Gonzalez Santiago

    Philip Gonzalez Santiago

    Acum 12 ore

    *A normal comment you would find*

  20. CoJames


    Acum 12 ore

    damn this vid... ive watched it 5 times

  21. Philip Gonzalez Santiago

    Philip Gonzalez Santiago

    Acum 12 ore

    *Gasps when chad turns out to be a female* *GASPS EVEN BIGGER WHEN I REALIZE THAT THIS VIDEO HAS 50 MIL VIEWS* *G a s p s G o d l y Since I saw that chad almost dies*

  22. CoolGameBro


    Acum 14 ore

    the triggering part was when you gave your magnemite 200 hp EV's

  23. Azria Khumaira

    Azria Khumaira

    Acum 14 ore

    This is so long video

  24. Jovann Gonzales

    Jovann Gonzales

    Acum 15 ore

    i killed metagross with one hit

  25. ImNotNormal


    Acum 16 ore

    2:02 perfect name

  26. Jennie Vaklavas

    Jennie Vaklavas

    Acum 16 ore

    Question what level was teriyaki in the end?

  27. Matias Rivera

    Matias Rivera

    Acum 17 ore


  28. Rachel Diane

    Rachel Diane

    Acum 17 ore

    *sniff* squid ward

  29. Shane Rogers

    Shane Rogers

    Acum 17 ore


  30. Ishant Jain

    Ishant Jain

    Acum 18 ore

    Dude i might feint if you dont post another one of these videos

  31. Anson CHEN

    Anson CHEN

    Acum 18 ore

    this is my favorite anime

  32. Sylvia Springer

    Sylvia Springer

    Acum 19 ore

    Justice for Chomps

  33. Deslouches Pierre-Louis

    Deslouches Pierre-Louis

    Acum 20 ore

    Jaden, can you tell me the moveset for Onion before Slaking 2 killed him, rest in peace Onion, because I'm making a moveset for my Shiny Breloom, Dilonion, in Onion's honor in showdown. So please can you tell me the moveset for Onion?

  34. Selin Tozkoparan

    Selin Tozkoparan

    Acum 20 ore


  35. DimondMiner 7800

    DimondMiner 7800

    Acum 20 ore

    grandma does more then bake cookies, she ends careers

  36. Octo Ant

    Octo Ant

    Acum 22 ore

    It would have been smarter to send in Teriyaki against Steven's Metagross considering Teriyaki has a fire move and steel is weak to fire

  37. TheColombianSpartan


    Acum 22 ore

    But can your team beat CdawgVA's _C H A R L E S_

  38. Noob


    Acum 23 ore


  39. Anime weeb gaming

    Anime weeb gaming

    Acum o Zi

    This was sad I wanted to cry

  40. Sarah C

    Sarah C

    Acum o Zi

    This inspired me to do my own Nuzloke, Jaiden! Thank you for the great video!

  41. Cherry


    Acum o Zi

    Most people when playing Pokémon: *See one that looks like a dog* Ehhh *walks away* Me:*see one that looks like a dog* *gets as many as possible* *never fights any of them*

  42. Pastel Doll

    Pastel Doll

    Acum o Zi

    You are able to make me cry with your storytelling now omg T^T

  43. Leon Sebastian Quitain

    Leon Sebastian Quitain

    Acum o Zi

    Wait teriyaki evovled into a blaziken?!

  44. adem koc

    adem koc

    Acum o Zi

    Dude İ wasnt gonna cry really.

  45. 王老师宝妈有约


    Acum o Zi

    well now im not doing it move 3:36

  46. Michael Qin

    Michael Qin

    Acum o Zi

    13:44 Is anyone confused why Jaiden put Groudon in the box?

  47. Bernd Brot

    Bernd Brot

    Acum o Zi

    I don´t know why but i always have to cry at the end. Your Animations are so beautiful and i feel so sad that moment when the cutscene arrives i start to cry.... a lot. thank you for your beautiful animation

  48. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans

    Acum o Zi

    Best thing on ROfilm. Period.

  49. Franklin Torres

    Franklin Torres

    Acum o Zi

    btw i saw your character was Mae from Pokemon

  50. 951TheFly


    Acum o Zi

    Here's the plan. 14:29 - 14:39

  51. MiniFlightlessBird


    Acum o Zi

    Kgdgkdkhfkgckhc Ari the tailow sounds in the cave!!!

  52. Feng Zhao

    Feng Zhao

    Acum o Zi

    This feels like watching Attack on Titan

  53. EvO Playz

    EvO Playz

    Acum o Zi

    I realized I week ago that this is you most popular vid

  54. Sawyerizboss


    Acum o Zi

    Notice how she did not mention she got a blaziken

  55. Jonathan Lukito 1301080

    Jonathan Lukito 1301080

    Acum o Zi

    i have a level 100 prime groudon and 1 hit pokemons :|

  56. Abishai Gollapalli

    Abishai Gollapalli

    Acum o Zi

    Anyone watching this after a year later. Man this is so fun to watch

  57. Gabrielle Geronimo

    Gabrielle Geronimo

    Acum o Zi

    Can you do Pokémon heart gold Soul silver Nuzlocke plzzzzzzzz

  58. marvy dado

    marvy dado

    Acum o Zi

    Why are you going to make another nuzlocke jaden

  59. Michael Cornejo

    Michael Cornejo

    Acum o Zi

    Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

  60. AstralFlare42 Studios

    AstralFlare42 Studios

    Acum o Zi

    You should do a sword and shield nuzlocke

  61. Romelia Hidalgo

    Romelia Hidalgo

    Acum o Zi

    “Oh hello there chad,what you’re a female DID I STUTTER

  62. Romelia Hidalgo

    Romelia Hidalgo

    Acum o Zi

    Only people who watched that episode of spongebob know the reference



    Acum o Zi

    YOU FORGOT ABOUT CHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  64. Almeer Assagaf

    Almeer Assagaf

    Acum o Zi

    When did teriyaki evolve into blaziken

  65. James Games

    James Games

    Acum o Zi


  66. Logan Miller

    Logan Miller

    Acum o Zi

    Raise your hand if you miss jaiden

  67. Nexus


    Acum o Zi

    9:36 how did you make my simultaneously laugh and tear up at the same time.

  68. Ian Barrow

    Ian Barrow

    Acum o Zi

    "Did I stutter?"

  69. Dude


    Acum o Zi


  70. Naleem Abbott

    Naleem Abbott

    Acum o Zi

    The fact that her first Pokémon and her most reliable Pokémon lived hmmmm

  71. Nitin Gupta

    Nitin Gupta

    Acum o Zi

    Zip zap zop is legend.

  72. สบายดี สวีดัด

    สบายดี สวีดัด

    Acum o Zi

    When pokemon is on Ultra Nightmare mode and she beat it successfully ^_^

  73. Wellipro1 yt

    Wellipro1 yt

    Acum 2 Zile


  74. Shit Ass

    Shit Ass

    Acum 2 Zile

    I wonder who will win Jaiden Pokemon trainer Red

  75. Abram menil

    Abram menil

    Acum 2 Zile

    wheres chomp?

  76. russian superman

    russian superman

    Acum 2 Zile

    Wow I came back to watch this again and I can't believe this video came a year ago I remember this like it came out yesterday

  77. Spirit Bombastic

    Spirit Bombastic

    Acum 2 Zile

    I love the enthusiasm and the artwork. Very cool to see someone undertake the Nuzlocke for the first time. Also, since nobody else seems to mention it, mega props for the Team Four Star reference with Altaria.

  78. Holy_CocoNut YT :D

    Holy_CocoNut YT :D

    Acum 2 Zile


  79. Pearl Wolf Arts

    Pearl Wolf Arts

    Acum 2 Zile

    Random person: OMG HelP mAh WingULl Is FreAkiNG GoNe Jaiden: *literally catches one wingull and gave it to the random person* Random person: OH MAH GWAD YOU SAVED IT

  80. XIIMOONIIX moon


    Acum 2 Zile

    Bird lady wins! Everybody chicken dance! 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

  81. Dross Plays

    Dross Plays

    Acum 2 Zile

    Wait does the nuzlocked means you cant choose legendary's to fight the other pokemon trainer??

  82. Sun Wukong

    Sun Wukong

    Acum 2 Zile

    2:29 had me rollin', I still havent got through all of it yet but I'll edit as soon as im done

  83. Elijah Salazar

    Elijah Salazar

    Acum 2 Zile


  84. Corey Keaton

    Corey Keaton

    Acum 2 Zile

    I love your Pokémon animation! They are the best

  85. Edward Ezequiel Nah Varguez

    Edward Ezequiel Nah Varguez

    Acum 2 Zile

    14:42 F in Chad o F en el Chad

  86. Hasan Hossam

    Hasan Hossam

    Acum 2 Zile

    why was there a deoxys at the end ??

  87. Red Rose Phoenix

    Red Rose Phoenix

    Acum 2 Zile


  88. Tamara Pair

    Tamara Pair

    Acum 2 Zile


  89. Tamara Pair

    Tamara Pair

    Acum 2 Zile

    I don't know if anything it's I don't know what else about to say

  90. AstralFlare42 Studios

    AstralFlare42 Studios

    Acum 2 Zile

    I love how the whismer squeaks when Jaiden grabs it.

  91. Anna Guillen

    Anna Guillen

    Acum 2 Zile

    just like WE won with many blood hard deaths and now we honery them by drinking wine me:very fitting

  92. Diggo Whoa

    Diggo Whoa

    Acum 2 Zile

    honestly she could've just evolved chad into a machamp by trading. Its not against any nuzlocke rules, and she did it to get her scizor in the Platinum nuzlocke.

    • Pau Suan Khai

      Pau Suan Khai

      Acum o Zi

      I think it’s because she didn’t realize that trading was allowed or she didn’t have an emulator at that time

  93. Hector Meza

    Hector Meza

    Acum 2 Zile

    17:28 deoxys be flying

  94. Glich Acc

    Glich Acc

    Acum 2 Zile

    kill me

  95. Oi Oi

    Oi Oi

    Acum 2 Zile

    She is too good 🔥🔥

  96. Hector Meza

    Hector Meza

    Acum 2 Zile

    bro my starter was mudkip and found zizagoon but instead i ccaught it

  97. Loula


    Acum 2 Zile

    It's this video that made me finally realise that squidward's name isn't squidworth oops 🤣🤣

  98. Lase Playz

    Lase Playz

    Acum 2 Zile

    Do a ultra sun Pokémon game nuzlock

  99. RandomArtist


    Acum 2 Zile

    *rapidly opens emulator*

  100. milan playz

    milan playz

    Acum 2 Zile

    9:58 im dying