What my trip to Japan was like

konichiwa :3c

also i tried to keep the video under 10 mins but i just couldn't so sorry about that, hopefully it's not too long for ur viewing pleasure

Thanks to Hannah for voicing the Japanese girl as well! www.youtube.com/user/WhiteEng...

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  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

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    A lot of people have been getting this weird notification after they comment where it looks like I’m giving away an iPhone X. It’s a scam and not me so don’t click it pls thx

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      Sorry i am late jaiden TwT

  2. Hassan Tahir

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    Translation: “Obviously I don’t speak english, you stupid foreigners, now get lost” *Jaiden’s Dad: 😃👍🏻*

  3. Mitz


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    Man 1: *gets on train* godzilla: *shoots fire*

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    don't misuse Father Jesus' name

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    I think i know the dog

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    I WANT TO GO>:(

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    What f**k

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    Lol i Translate that japanise girl what he said lol

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    Taking the Plunge aka doing a Kanonball

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    “The Japanese mafia” cuts to league of villain 😂

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    my dad went to that EXACT same show isn't it like far down underground?

  13. Kelson Da Silva

    Kelson Da Silva

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    the whole entire reason they returned him is because toga thought his blood was bitter

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    Jaiden konichiwa means hello or anythig idk

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    7:45 That is literally Mettaton

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    0:49 I GET THE JOKE NOW!

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    1:53 wow Cc that translates

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    0:50, Is that Dabi and Shigaraki?

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    ha nani

  22. broboy


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    the girl that jaidens dad talked to: Obviously I dont speak English, you stupid foreigners. Get lost."

  23. Luna Wolf

    Luna Wolf

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    I love the use of My Hero Academia characters lol 0:50 Dabi and Shigaraki 1:29 Hawks -wings Comment if I missed some

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    Christopher Monti

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    which wisdom did you choose

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    Naomi Hernandez

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    When the random woman speaking Japanese talks put subtitles to see what she says

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    Kokichi Oma aesthetically

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    i’m glad your dad didint get killed/kidnapped by the yakuza.

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    tonyl986 gaming!

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    Hearing jaiden swear in her own video freaks me out because she only swears on other channels

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    Dx Hearted

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    Becareful there could be enemy stand in there

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    Dabi and shigiraki the Japanese mafia The fans of mha:seems right

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    lol that one pokemon part was so loud

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    whiy dont you ever bring ari an vacashin

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    Hey Jaiden when you were at Tokyo did you see Godzilla there

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    If anyone is wondering, Jaiden got on the wrong train 4 times

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    Anyone else here in 2021

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    Konnichiwa means hi

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    love this vid jaiden ! heart emoji

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    I’ve been there at the kid play area

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    2:21 B I G B I R B

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    Omg you can you watch my hero academia I have a crush on bakugo and yes I'm a boy he's a boy I'm bi

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    Ola Jardar Eriksen

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    Konnichiwa means hello

  44. ShadowGalaxy_Everything


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    Jaiden:but no turns out he wasn’t put out from the Japanese mafia *Shigaraki and Dabi pop up* There from an anime I watch btw my hero academia Me: WHA-XD

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    Jaiden: I got wisdom water all over my pants me: damn, jaidens a smarty pants

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    Oh my god I feel so dumb for not realized who the “mafia” was

  48. Grace D. Neitham

    Grace D. Neitham

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    Jaiden: Shows the two horsemen of *screaming* about skincare Me: *Happiness noise nowing it's going to release another ep again*

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    are you a girl or a boy

  50. Enrique Mayen

    Enrique Mayen

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    1:47 There’s actually a device I saw on an ad that when you press a button you talk In your language and it translates it to the person who is from the country you are visiting. So I can say “Hey! How are you?” In English and it would translate it to Japanese if you were in Japan (Ik in dis vid u r but ik ur at home cuz the government makes us). Boom! Easy Peasy lemon with a bit of the squeeze’s. 👍🍋

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    Hmmm illy goes to Japan Jaiden goes to Japan 🗾 illy copies Jaiden!

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    jaiden why is the mafia dabi snd shigiraki

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    i love that she out shigaraki and dabi lol

    • Jocelyn Renfro

      Jocelyn Renfro

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      i meant to say "put"

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    Is that dabi

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    where is the part with earthquake

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    Wisdom juice is kicking -jaiden

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    I really want to go to Japan,after Jaiden explaining how cool it is,it getting me hyped!

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    How about south korea

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    First time?

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    Was there a Rhythm Tengoku cabinet at the arcade you went to?

  61. Itz Alex

    Itz Alex

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    It’s actually very likely chance that The app was saying the right names for things seeing as Japanese has three different alphabets and we have one

  62. Sage


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    Bro what if you put the cup in each water fall and drank it all at once

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    Dabi sick I’m those sun glasses

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sr pelo

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    Crafty Dogs!

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    1:34 Ah yes! htop and cmatrix! Two of the best hacker-looking linux terminal scripts.

  67. Sophie de Naurois

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    Jayden: we got out and… Jayden: got in the wrong train😢

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    Dabi: Twice said Toga didn't want him so...here you go. We need Bakugo anyways... Shigaraki: And Toga said his perk was useless. Dad: Heyo Jaiden. Jaiden: Hi Dad, bye and thanks Dabi and Shigataki...

  69. Cheyra Cintanya Ralia

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    Ive been to the pokemon center and the dog dtatue lmao-

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    you can get those flashy light cups in america...🤨

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    Don't Konichiwa urself TRANSLATED: Don't Hello urself

  75. Aaron Animates

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    明らかに私は英語を話しません、あなたは愚かな外国人です。失せろ。 "Obviously I don't speak English, you stupid foreigners, get lost."

  76. A random laurenzside  fan lol

    A random laurenzside fan lol

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    4:04 im a headphone user and the soud was so loud that it killed me- rip

  77. Roibinthecat


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    3:28 Sign: Please do not feed on the animals Jax (I think _that's_ how you spell it..?): CONSUME HEDGEHOG

  78. Archi Plays

    Archi Plays

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    jaiden saying bitch is my life

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    baka is stupid hahahhhahahahah

  80. Stuart Vaughn Sutedja

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    go to indo

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    pro backon

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    "Oh god my legs hurt!" "More noodles!!" "Shes speaking the language of the gods...!"

  82. LEE YEAN XIN Moe


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    ""Don't Konichiwa Yourself"" Me: The meaning of Konichiwa is Hi-- English Version: Don't Hi Yourself

    • Ang Ai Lian

      Ang Ai Lian

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      Take a plunge, Xiao.

  83. nafrate


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    Lol shigaraki and dabi I died laughing🤣🤣🤣

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    just so u know the girl at 1:54 is saying "Obviously I don't speak English, you stupid foreigners. Get lost." no i do not speak japanese, i just used the captions

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  85. Lil saffi♡

    Lil saffi♡

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    I cant believe she made this in 2018 it feels like she made it in 202-

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  86. TrexValkryie Gaming

    TrexValkryie Gaming

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    1:20 i was watching this at night with my brother who was on another bed and i laughed so hard i think it woke up the entire neighbourhood

  87. Dennis Engelen

    Dennis Engelen

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    4:03 made my ears bleed..

  88. Rithvika Sakthi

    Rithvika Sakthi

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    Wait is that a Indian Flag at the back (7:53)

  89. Amy Lashley

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    The concerned state undesirably jam because pencil laterally carve above a busy soprano. gray greasy great, squalid apparatus

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    1:53 1:54

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    4:01 hahahahahahha I'm from Indonesia

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    wait if you drank from the pool below you would get all of them

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    So go K’onichiwa yourself” you told them to go hi how are you themselves? NANI?!

  96. Angel Maria

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    yea so jaiden takes like a 20 second video of her holdin a movin around a light bulb with juice inside of it and were just suposed to act like we cant see the craziest fing parade ever

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    he doesn’t have a tail so he’s not a rat lol

  98. Deria Yavora Asenova

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    Oh gosh* :)

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    Did anyone else see. Man eat sonic