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What my trip to Japan was like

konichiwa :3c
also i tried to keep the video under 10 mins but i just couldn't so sorry about that, hopefully it's not too long for ur viewing pleasure
Thanks to Hannah for voicing the Japanese girl as well!
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Denny: 90percentknuckles
Devon: devonkong
Shoocharu: Shoocharu
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D konichiwa again :3c


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

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    A lot of people have been getting this weird notification after they comment where it looks like I’m giving away an iPhone X. It’s a scam and not me so don’t click it pls thx

    • AAA Battery Energy

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      Got it! Thanks for telling us.

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      I never get that notification



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      My hero academia

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      NEVER press anything suspicious, it could open you up to a computer virus, or steal your personal info

  2. irish pikachu

    irish pikachu

    Acum 5 minute

    there is a movie about the dog that waited at the train station on Netflix, ya'll should watch it

  3. Autum Breeze

    Autum Breeze

    Acum 57 minute

    I went to Japan with my dad back in 2012, so 4 years before you did. No joke, the best 3 weeks of my life. We went to so many places, including the Ghibli museum, Tetsuka museum, several theme parks including Mt. Fuji Q, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea and even just walking around Akihabara was so much fun. The only real negative was 1 day when a monsoon hit the area we were in, so we had to cut our day's plans short and hop on the bullet train to get to Tokyo, but we got delayed so long that, instead of getting there at 6pm, we ended up arriving after 11:30pm. Other than that though, it was an enormous amount of fun and I loved immersing myself in the culture. 1 odd thing happened though. While looking for the Suginami Museum, we were passing through a neighbourhood I had the weirdest feeling I'd been through before, which made no sense since it was shortly into our trip, so we hadn't been in any similar areas before that day and that trip was literally the first time I'd ever been outside my home country of Australia. But, it got weirder. As we reached an intersection in the street, I immediately had a simultaneously vivid and vague memory of being a child running through that specific intersection and being really happy when I'd been running. Again, this trip was the first time in my entire life I'd been outside Australia, so I was completely baffled as to where this memory came from. It was vivid in that I could clearly remember being a kid as I was running in that area and the happy feelings I'd had at the time, but nothing else stood out in the memory. I couldn't tell how old I was in the memory, my name, why I'd been so happy, nothing. To this day, I still have no clue where that memory came from. My only possible guesses are I was either regaining a fragment of memory from a past life in which I'd lived in that area of Japan or a ghost had shared its memory with me. Either way, it's 1 souvenir from our trip I'd have never expected to return with. Do hope I'll be returning to Japan either later this year or sometime next year.

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  5. Liam Jace Noel

    Liam Jace Noel

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    1:39 there goes tokyo

  6. Walnurbrush 6076

    Walnurbrush 6076

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    The lesson of the day: "You wanna go to the japanese version of the sentence 'Do you speak english?"

  7. Samuel Sanchez

    Samuel Sanchez

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    I actually went to the end of the 1000 red gates. There was a temple at the top I think

  8. d3nK! k4m!Nar!

    d3nK! k4m!Nar!

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    not dabi and shigaraki lol

  9. Joyce Liu

    Joyce Liu

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    0:50 ok?

  10. 0ofy


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    i laughed to much xD 3:31

  11. Hypernotfound


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    Japanese girl said “ obviously I don’t speak English you stupid get lost”

  12. Brady Melo

    Brady Melo

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    Turn on subtitles at 1:49 you wont be sorry

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    1:41 is that Godzilla?

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  16. Col Campbell AI 2024

    Col Campbell AI 2024

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    Could you not blow everyone's ears off like an insufferable degenerate? 👌 Also (7:55), don't produce videos if you can't find someone who isn't braindead to mix audio.

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    How many wrong trains

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  20. Ka Wai Hou

    Ka Wai Hou

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    Me just watching the video again Jaiden: guess he wasnt taken by the japanese mafia Me: wait wait wait Is that a mha reference I see Yep it is nice

  21. Energetic Stunts

    Energetic Stunts

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    Many Japanese are reacting to this video and honestly if you have nothing new to say, it's just an ass Move. To make a 10 minute animation video is very time consuming and a reaction video is just easy.

  22. The Snake House

    The Snake House

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    Oh man am I a pokemon dork for figuring out that that was thunderus as soon as I saw it?

  23. Erin Games

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    Japan sounds confusing.

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  26. Omni Cupid

    Omni Cupid

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    Your brother being dusted got me. Also, I think I watched this before I got into MHA, so the Dabi and Shigaraki reference kinda flew over my head at the time. But now I'm like, "Oh my gosh! It's my two favorite League of Villains members!"

  27. Blueberry -

    Blueberry -

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    me watching at 5 am, parents asleep(not knowing) Jaiden: 4:03

  28. Nada Bendannoun

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    ᵗʰᶦˢ ʷᶦᶠᵉ

  29. NightWolf Extreme Gaming

    NightWolf Extreme Gaming

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    1:39 which Godzilla is this ?

  30. Alpha TheDino

    Alpha TheDino

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    Who else saw mha villans 0:48

  31. Zara Javier

    Zara Javier

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    "don't hello yourself"

  32. Quinn Corkins

    Quinn Corkins

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    As someone who planned to go to the Tokyo olympics and already booked all the tickets I’m a very sad boy watching this. Very sad

  33. Yuni Toca gurl

    Yuni Toca gurl

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    Who can draw dabi

  34. FoxySpooder


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    I went to robot show before oOo

  35. Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

    Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

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    I love all the "My Neigbor Totoro" references

  36. Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

    Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

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    1:53 The captions are the translation lol

  37. Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

    Arman Erfan Akhlaghi

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  38. Neo Dong

    Neo Dong

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    i see the meme she did with the: "don't feed the animals" sign at the hedgehog place. hint: there was a kid eating a hedgehog.

  39. Reina Akikawa

    Reina Akikawa

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    7:02 INITIAL D

  40. Franz Delos Santos

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  41. Mr PanEar

    Mr PanEar

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    1. I Love your Videos and Love your content 2. Sometimes, it does help to speak slower, but only if the person you are speaking to knows the language. So speaking slowly helps them register what you’re saying 🙂👍

  42. pera mayela

    pera mayela

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    I need the second part please

  43. Riley Perz

    Riley Perz

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    0:50 Dabi!?!? Shiggy!?!?! Is that you!?!? Do my eyes deceive me!?!?

  44. Nightshade


    Acum o Zi

    I can relate to the picture translation thing. I got a message in Japanese from one of my language partners and couldn’t read the kanji in the sentence. So I screenshot the image and the translation said “Let’s get married!” And me, being the dopey seventeen year old girl I am, panicked and then later realized that I could ask for the sentence in English.

  45. Crystal stitches

    Crystal stitches

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    Shiggy dabi: stands Me:screams like a mha fangirls in head*

    • Crystal stitches

      Crystal stitches

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      Me:a web*

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    Hi i have been working hard on my animation channel pls sub and check it out :)

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    Is the best video Love your videos they’re very good thanks for making videos Jaden you’re just really cool yes and I’m one of your biggest fans

  48. ioricme


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    I can speak Japanese..... And English



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    0:50 oh my goodness yessssssss

  50. Ariel Xu

    Ariel Xu

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    Did i JUST notice that she included mha carecters (Dabi and Shigaraki)

  51. nightstargill


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    You didnt mention how (sadly) the Studio ghibli museum has a six month waiting list. I was heartbroken I couldn't go.😞

  52. Nilo Sonderriis Belay

    Nilo Sonderriis Belay

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    3:22 i watched the movie/film or whatever

  53. Gotexesslol15u8 Lol XD

    Gotexesslol15u8 Lol XD

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    Why the plane’s windows shapes is like a FREAKING “SQUARE”

  54. Case Keasler

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    0:50 is that Dabi from MHA?!

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    Why did she put shigaraki and dabi xD

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    Well I need all of it at big spoon it is

  59. oChilling


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    This could be an example of the Mandela effect but does anyone else remember her saying wisdom juice not wisdom water

    • shrimpochips


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      she said wisdom juice later in the vid

  60. Emily Ramos

    Emily Ramos

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    0:60 the mha villains

  61. probie gaming

    probie gaming

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    0:50 its dabi and tomara :0

  62. Red Blue Foxy

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    lol the she said "baka" 1:54

  63. Ali Omair Us Zaman

    Ali Omair Us Zaman

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    0:49 I didn't get that reference before, but now I watched MHA I know what it means

  64. gacha galaxy kitty

    gacha galaxy kitty

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    3:32 why was I expecting it-

  65. Irene Suzanne

    Irene Suzanne

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    dabi and shingari

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    Mha mafia

  67. Grace Womack-Henderson

    Grace Womack-Henderson

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    Is dabi-

  68. Kuraudo


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    As someone whose taken a trip to Japan twice already, I freaking loved watching this story.

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    Hi :)

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  71. jonsnow jonsnow

    jonsnow jonsnow

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    When the dad asked other people the woman was quite rude She said did you really think I speak English get lost fool Rude

  72. rose dalley

    rose dalley

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    Yes shiggy and Dabi destroyed your father Dabi: kidnaps him Shiggy: touched him and destroyed him completely

  73. Dahron Davis

    Dahron Davis

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    I what to the very best that no one ever wants

  74. CallTheBluffs Animations

    CallTheBluffs Animations

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    America: initial D Japan: initial J?

  75. Milz.the.purple_freakk


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    0:47 WAS THAT DABO AND SHIGIRAKI?! I've also seen toga in one of ur other videos. Also some random pokemon in the backround of a video using Detroit smash. I KNEW IT YOU DO WATCH MY HERO ACADEMIA

  76. secret


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    Dabi shiggy

  77. Queen Of Rose

    Queen Of Rose

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    This is why you probbably need to learn the language where the country you are going to-

  78. Dripe’s World

    Dripe’s World

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    Cool mha pun

  79. Red Knight Gaming

    Red Knight Gaming

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    0:50 Why Is Dabi And Shigarki There Deku Go Punch Him In The Face

  80. William Robertson

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    • William Robertson

      William Robertson

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      OR DABI!!!

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    Reilynn The Memer

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    3:06 *t h i s w i f e*

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    Jaiden: See you in a couple of weeks! 2 years later and she still hasn’t talked about it

  84. Lindsey’s Blogs

    Lindsey’s Blogs

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    by the way the triangle food thing is called ongiri which is really good

  85. Tappy ghost Studios

    Tappy ghost Studios

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    1:54 translation: obviously I don’t speak English, stupid foreigners.Get lost

  86. Evan Wittenberg

    Evan Wittenberg

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    Rest in peace Hatchiko. Good pupper. Fluffy pupper. The goodest of da bois

  87. Rochelle Hurwitz

    Rochelle Hurwitz

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    That bottle is japanese? I used it before in hungary

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    Mago donachie

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    Is it weird that my name is Kiyomi..........

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    Lmao the Japanese mafia 😂😂

  93. カラス


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    this video was recommended to me few seconds ago and curiously i also had the opportunity to travel to japan to check on my cousins back in 2019, idk if its because i got a very short amount of time to prepare myself (and meant it - like, ive never traveled overseas before) or because i was already familiar with the airport stress feeling (made 3 connections and stopped by 5 different airports - considerating the one that started all the journey back in GRU-BRAZIL and the fact that my final destination was ITM-OSAKA and not NRT-TOKYO) - either way, i just love the content you post on channell and this as many of your videos I laughed a lot xD (and yea, guess as many people, the moment you discover the backlash of "english speaking not being onipresent" in the east asia you feel kinda of DOOMED for your life haha)



    Acum 2 Zile

    1:29 bruh is that hawks??



    Acum 2 Zile

    I love the dad trying to speak a de english to the japanese people lmao

  96. Leslie Zarate

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    Imagien visiting Japan in 1945.

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    The Demon , the bear and the TEM.

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    Alt title: why you should do research before you travel.